Siliconized graphite is a kind of composite material formed by coating silicon carbide on the surface of graphite materials.

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Synthetic Graphite is also known as Artificial Graphite. The appearance of Synthetic Graphite is dark grey to black. It is made from calcined cokes, which have been exposed to temperatures approaching 3000°C. These materials offer high purity, excellent lubrication, and electrical conductivity.


Our synthetic Graphite’s typical characteristics are Carbon 98.50% min, Ash 0.40%max,  Sulfur 0.05%max, Nitrogen 500ppm max.  It is low ash and low sulfur. The popular sizes are 0-1mm, 0-0.5mm,1-5mm etc.


It is widely used in industry, used in metallurgy, casting, precision casting as a carburizer; It is used to make high temperature crucible for smelting, lubricant for mechanical industry, making electrode and pencil lead; It is widely used in high-grade refractory materials and coatings in metallurgical industry, military industrial fire materials stabilizer, pencil lead in light industry, carbon brush in electrical industry, electrode in battery industry, catalyst in fertilizer industry, etc.

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