It is widely used in electrical carbon products, lubricating materials, chemical fertilizer catalyst, pencil core, powder metallurgy mold release agents, as well as rubber, plastic composite filler or modifier and other industries.

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Micronized graphite powder, also called ultrafine graphite is made of advanced grinding equipment such as high speed mill, Raymond mill and air flow mill. It is mainly used in powder metallurgy special, lubricating oil special, grease special, dry battery special, conductive coating special, lubricating coating special, scientific research of National Defense Science and Technology Industry Commission, scientific research institutions, civil nuclear power special, aerospace special and strategic power interference weapons, smoke screen shield weapons development.

The dispersion of micro powder graphite is better than that of ordinary graphite powder. This feature is reflected in the application of micropowder graphite in the production of graphite emulsions or graphite paste and coatings. The particle size of the micro-powder graphite can be evenly dispersed in it, reducing the agglomeration phenomenon. The particle size is smaller and more uniform than ordinary graphite powder, and the carbon content can reach more than 99%. Therefore, the micro-powder graphite with high carbon content has good electrical conductivity and can be well used in the field of industrial conductive production.

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